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Middlewich High School

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Policing and Forensics Day

On Wednesday the 31st of January, we went to the Warrington Chester University campus to experience their policing and forensics day.

On Wednesday the 31st we went to the Warrington Chester University campus to experience their policing and forensics day. During this day we all got the opportunity to learn more about very interesting fields of work, which we normally wouldn’t get to learn about at school. During this day my group had a walk through one of their crime scene investigation houses, where we got the opportunity to try and hypothesise a solution to the home invasion scene through finding evidence. We then had a tour of their new court and police station role-play rooms. Here students were able to pretend they were in certain situations, like Jade acting as a witness and Thomas being taken into custody. After this we were able to try a new activity from Derby University, where we tried to plan an order to send a limited amount of services to various crimes happening at the same time. This was a fun yet stressful task where we learned how much pressure decision making it has while trying to organise these difficult situations. In the end after our team cooperated and talked out a plan, our group won the competition for best plan of action! Finally, the day ended with a detective workshop, where we got to analyse a pretend murder crime scene and investigations through various activities. I played the role of a forensic crime scene investigator, which I found extremely interesting and encouraging in pursuing a career in forensic science. At the end of this activity our team won again for the most likely cause of murder, and everyone got the chance to make a keychain with your own finger print using ink. I think everyone found this day very exciting and eye-opening to the plethora of opportunities and courses offered in University, so thank you to all the staff at Middlewich and Chester University who made the day possible.