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Moon and Meteorite Rocks Visit MHS

Moon and Meteorite Rocks Visit MHS

The Eagle Has Landed

This week a small piece of history ‘landed’ at Middlewich High School. We were very lucky to have on loan, from the Natural History Museum, samples of meteorites and actual moonrock from the last three Apollo missions to the Moon.

Pupils were fascinated to see the ‘orange soil’ from Apollo 17 and watch the actual moment when the Astronauts discovered this amazing rock. Pupils got to touch meteorite samples that were older than the Earth itself!

This year has been a wonderful opportunity for our pupils to witness the solar eclipse in March and to handle moonrock and meteorites samples from outer space.

Ross McGrory, Year 10, said: "It was an amazing, eye-opening experience to hold a piece of history that not many people will get to see close-up."

Mr Wilson, Head of Science (and Space)