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Mr Taylor's Trip to Cambodia

Over the summer, Mr Taylor volunteered in Cambodia with Limited Resource Teacher Training. He travelled to Cambodia with 30 teachers from the UK and America who volunteered to participate in teacher training. The group worked with 95 teachers from 21 schools. In Cambodia the minimum education required for a teacher is that they have passed their high school English exams.
The LRTT mission was to inform teachers of some effective teaching strategies which move beyond copying from the board and rehearsing pronunciation. However, some of the work was very physical too, he even carried a classroom a mile down the road!
Life for people in Cambodia is very physically tough. The majority of people in rural areas struggle to make a living from farming or fishing. In peak seasons this can mean children have to work with their parents rather than attend school, so this focus on education is invaluable to them.
He found the whole experience extremely rewarding and as well as all the hard work, he made some friends for life and thoroughly enjoyed the Cambodian wildlife.