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Year 9 Trip to Salford Quays

On the 29th of June we went to Salford Quays.

On the 29th of June we went to Salford Quays. We did lots of investigations to see how urban regeneration has affected the area. The first thing we did was the traffic survey; we counted the amount of vehicles had drove by in 5 minutes to see how populated that area was. After, we did a pedestrian count at the same site. This involved us putting a timer on for 5 minutes and counting how many people came in from the left and out from the right. Then we recorded this data on a tally chart. We did a traffic survey, pedestrian count and an environmental quality survey for each of the 6 sites. After we had finished 3 sites we got to enjoy some time at the Lowry Outlet mall, spending an hour getting food and having a look at all the shops. After we finished the rest of the sites we enjoyed the day out because we had never had a school trip like this, it was fun seeing all the sights and seeing how Salford quays has changed. Overall, we had a really fun and productive day out and we would definitely go again.