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Middlewich High School

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Meet Our New Student Leadership Team

After a rigorous application and interview process, our 2018/19 Student Leadership Team have been selected. They have introduced themselves below:


Hello, my name is Harry Clayton and I was given the role of Head Boy at Middlewich High School. I feel privileged to be given this opportunity and I intend to fulfil my duties to the best of my ability. During my time at Middlewich High School, I have had many opportunities to improve my skills. I have a particular interest in acting and have been part of the Middlewich Youth Theatre for 9 years. I have also completed my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award. For my GCSEs I took Computer Science and Spanish, both of which I have a great interest in. I believe these subjects will benefit me in the future and I would like to pursue a career in IT after studying Maths and IT at college. I play saxophone at Grade 4 level and enjoy playing in the Vale Royal Concert band. In my spare time I enjoy reading and I often relax by watching Netflix and listening to music. All these things I hope will help me in my role as Head Boy.

Hello, my name is Brontë Chan and I was recently assigned with the role of Head Girl at Middlewich High School. I am currently making the most of my time at MHS by participating in several extracurricular activities and getting involved with the opportunities this school offers such as being a member in the school orchestra and guitar group; being a music leader, prefect, and now head girl; and going on exciting trips to the Cheshire Show, Sir John Deane’s Sixth Form College, and Cambridge University. I completed my bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award earlier this year and right now I am raising money to fly to Costa Rica in 2019 with World Challenge. Multiple interests of mine have developed here at Middlewich High School such as music, maths and modern foreign languages, all of which I decided to take as GCSEs and I am considering studying further at Sir John Deane’s College. I started learning to play the guitar in year 7 and I’ve been passionate about music as a whole since. In my spare time I’m practising my guitar, listening to music, reading a good book or playing with my dog.

Hello my name is Max and I have recently been appointed Deputy Head Boy at Middlewich High School. I have been a keen rugby player for five years, I am a Sea Cadet, and I have been with Winsford Sea Cadets for 3 years. I have developed many passions throughout my time here at Middlewich High and a lot of them I will carry on after high school such as sports and science.  I have finished my bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award and I am also flying out to Costa Rica in 2019 with World Challenge. I look forward to offering my help out to anyone who needs it!

Hello, my name is Jennifer Gunn and I was recently awarded with the title of Deputy Head Girl at Middlewich High School. I am a conscientious student and I enjoy all my subjects at school. For my GCSEs, I chose Music and Spanish because these subjects will provide me with different skills that I can apply later in life. My favourite subjects include Music, Physics and English because I find them enjoyable and very intriguing. My friends have described me as confident, intelligent, determined, reliable and compassionate.

My hobbies mostly include sport, acting and anything to do with music. I had piano lessons when I was 6 years old and I started playing the flute when I was 9 years old. Since then I have widened my musical knowledge and I have been playing guitar for four years and I restarted taking piano lessons last year. I have also been singing for as long as I can remember and I have performed on the main stage at the FAB festival and in local pubs. I am also a part of the Middlewich Youth Theatre and have been for five years now. After school I would like to study at Sir John Deane’s College and later go to St Andrew’s University or Edinburgh University, my goal is to have a career in the music industry. As Deputy Head I hope to offer support for any student in need and to act as a bridge between pupils and staff.