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Holocaust memorial day creative writing competition 2023

These are the six winning pieces of creative writing produced by our students. We are very proud of their thought-provoking and inspiring pieces of writing.

Holocaust Poem

by Jack Wood


Herded into trains,

Carriages of gloom.

Every bump on the track,

One step closer to doom.


Sealed in a chamber,

With nowhere to go.

Innocent lives taken, 

And now we all know.


The wrath of one man,

Hitler was his name.

All those lives lost,

Did he ever feel shame?



The deadly Days of Holocaust

Chuga Chug Chug the Train Goes…

By Madeleyn McCollom


Chuga chug chug the train goes,

Back and forward,

Forward and back…

The train tracks screeching,

Hundreds of people weeping,

Everyone having to fit into one train,

Bodies lay on top of each other,

‘Everyone pile in’

Everyone huddles together not knowing what’s to come,

Bellies empty, starving them out,

Chuga chug chug the train goes,

Ready to pick up innocent people,

People would die for their religion, for no reason,

Chuga chug chug, the death train goes.




Let’s all remember the people who died for the life we have today. Innocent people: children, mums, dads, all being murdered because of what they believe in. starved, being put in gas chambers. Why? Just because they didn’t like them. Next time you’re moaning because you didn’t get a new phone or a new dog, just remember what they did for the life you have today.



This Tale Has to be Told

by Tia Abbott

They stare, eyes wide

arms out, pushed aside

they look, in fear,

In Faithlessness, Poor dears.


No man, no child,

No faith left to fight,

Love is all lost

Because of these fateful nights.


The flames grow higher

as the screams dim

this nightmare, this horror

ready to begin.


Steam from the chimneys

Twirl in pain,

Scratching on the tracks,

Here come the trains.


More and more arrive

Without say,

Because of who they are 

They all need to pay.


From thousands to millions,

Each day goes by,

Now sound asleep

Listening to the lullabies


of screaming infants.

Blood runs cold.

The sound of death.

This tale has to be told.



By Hallie-May Tudor


Men went on the right, women on the left,

I knew then I was alone, nowhere to run

Nowhere to hide – Our last moments together I 

Shall not forget. It was all a lie until we die!


My last words couldn’t come out I had tears

In my eyes begging it to end – until I looked

Over to my mum and sister waving their last



I knew at that moment we were long, long

Gone. We could be separated forever, they could be gone. I can’t be alone forever

I can’t lose my family!


Let’s not forget how hard the Holocaust would have been.




By Grace E Murray


Women to right, men to left,

Terrified screams echoed in the air,

Women to right, men to left,

People stood with  no hope left.

Corpses lay with grey blank faces.

Children stood putting on their brave faces.

The sky was grey, the corpses lay,

Women to right, men to left,

Finally the day’s over,

Hardly anyone left.




By Olivia Smith


As we gather together around the menorah

Weslot in the candles from right to left

We feel this Hanukkah is different

As they committed theft.


Theft of our Hanukkah, a celebration of joy

Theft of the people who simply love another boy

Theft of those who lack sky blue in their eyes

And theft of the family members who now live beyond the skies


Theft of the boy with a disability

And theft of the girl not in touch with her femininity

Theft of those who tried to help the helpless

And theft of the religious Jehovah’s Witness


Satans Slaves come knocking at the door,

They don’t see us as humans but just another chore.

Mum hides the candles, Dad responds to the knocks,

They drag us kicking and screaming out of the ghetto blocks.


The train and its wheels cry with its clacks

Like the families that fear the end of those train tracks.

We grind to a halt, my nightmares come true.

I am pulled from my mother’s grip and my father’s too


We line up, single file, one after another

The Nazis shout their language that’s of other

As I wait for the bullet to pierce through my skin

I remember my last Hanukkah in this world that we live in.