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World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day Awareness

Mental Health is often an area that people don't talk about. Not out of not wanting to but out of fear. 1 in 10 young people aged 5-16 have a diganosable form of mental illness, however these people fear the stigma and disrimination that comes with opening up about their mental health.

We need to work together and stop this stigma, stop people from being scared to speak out about their mental health. Young people have a lot to deal with during their adoselent years. Education, Work, Family, Social Life, Relationships. For a developing mind these thoughts and feelings can sometimes turn to anger, depression, anxiety, paranoia and even more complex processes.

If young adults don't feel as though they can't speak out about these issues that they are going through then they become even more isolated, more worried and their negative thoughts increase. These then build and develop into their adult life, by then they have a whole new set of responsibilities to worry about. Education, Work, Univeristy, Money, Social Life, Family, Relationships, Deadlines. And these continue to build over the years and continue to develop a sense of not being okay. 

For some people, mental health will never come into their vocabulary. This doesn't mean they are perfect, it just means their mind processes these responsibilites and thoughts differently. These people should not dicriminate those who do not have the mind set to do the same. They should help and support those around them to fight the stigma of mental health.

The facts about mental health are scary to the readers but even more scary to those who suffer. So let's create a postivie environment for everyone around us and support one another. Mental helath is just as important and valid as physical health.