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Middlewich High School

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English are trying to reduce the marking load by annotating skills with a code relating to an ‘I can’ statement on the PLC e.g. R6.  Students are signposted to their PLCs after a marking session to see how they are progressing. In this example the student’s language analysis (R5) is accurate.  She has not been able to do this independently before at this level so she has improved. This puts her on amber until she is able to do this consistently.  However, for R6 she is consistently showing she is able to identify and use the correct subject terms.                                                  


Below is an example of this same student working on R7 and R8 with the aid of a ‘structure strip’ and the follow-up iTime.



History have consolidated all the resources needed for the GCSE into a folder; students’ responses and iTime are sandwiched between resources to aid revision.



Maths are using ‘exit tickets’ to assess progress and do iTime. At the end of the lesson students will fill in an ‘exit ticket’ based on their learning that lesson.  This is then marked for the beginning of the next lesson so that teachers can assess progress and plan accordingly.  Students who have achieved well become ‘learning leaders’ and students who have struggled have a yellow box of work to do iTime on.




Science keep their PLCs in a folder and students record when they have achieved Red Amber or Green.

Science continue to use the iTime stamp but after lessening their workload through using codes to mark with.  The student then writes out the details into the stamp.



Art have PLCs for each project and have continued to innovate; they have book smart medals and tweets to encourage pride and record verbal feedback respectively.