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Middlewich High School

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The Art and Design curriculum promotes the development of rich knowledge and understanding of artists, craft makers and designers from different cultures and eras in relation to the National Curriculum. The Art curriculum is critical and contextual at its core. Artists, craftspeople and designers are used to underpin practical tasks to support, develop and allow students to question, explore and make connections with the world around them. We encourage pupils to investigate ideas through visual language and provide opportunities for pupils to gain an understanding of the unique qualities of different materials and processes.

The curriculum is designed to support students in exploring their own self-expression by providing varied starting points which equip them with practical skills, techniques, and opportunities to explore and experiment with materials in response to a variety of current events and the environment in which they live.

The curriculum is sequenced to develop students to gain a rich capital culture with historical breadth, encouraging students to develop an inquiring mind and build confidence in developing as an artist in their own right, creating their own art, craft and design outcomes.

The knowledge, techniques and skills taught during the foundation years underpin the GCSE objectives. Techniques are explored at KS3 but are mastered throughout the progression of the GCSE course, students develop a rich subject vocabulary and grow in confidence to form and articulate opinions about a variety of artwork. During KS4 students can discuss their ideas and explain influences using specialist language. 

The Art and Design curriculum at Key Stage 3 is scaffolded in a manner that year on year students build on prior learning and revisit these core skills so that they are prepared and equipped in readiness for GCSE Art and beyond.

During Key Stage 4 students foster personal interests and make creative choices of their own which inform and direct their projects and personal outcomes. Individuality and original thinking is celebrated. The knowledge in KS4 comes from students exploring key artists and designers,  who inform their chosen project; artists and designers. whose approach developed radical and brave new styles and eras within the History of Art and Design, moulding the vibrant legacy of Art which we see today.

The process of producing explorative, supporting work in sketchbook form and resulting in a refined final piece, runs throughout both the foundation and GCSE teaching years. Sketchbooks are compiled in a similar fashion, across both key stages, with a heavy emphasis upon the presentation of work and historical context.

We explore a variety of starting points however each scheme of work is planned to include all art fundamental skills; we recognise these as:

  • Observational drawings
  • Media application
  • Scale & proportions
  • Composition & presentation
  • Exploration and Refinement
  • Research and evaluation