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Middlewich High School

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Core Subject

 GCSE Chemistry  gives students the opportunity to gain a good understanding of:

· the nature of substances and how they react together.

· how Chemistry is used in business and industry.

· how our use of raw materials in fuels and manufacturing can affect the global and local environment.

The GCSE is structured in a way that starts with the fundamental ideas in Chemistry, putting the building blocks in place. This enables students to develop an understanding of topics such as chemical structures and their properties, chemical reactions and how to analyse substances.

Assessment information

There are three modules each consisting of one sixty minute exam (3 hours in total). Each module is worth 25%. Students also take a controlled assessment consisting of a practical exam worth the final 25%.

How will studying Chemistry help me in the future?

Many of the materials considered are substances that students will come across in their daily lives like drinking water, vegetable oils and metals. This helps engage students by putting their learning in context.

Chemistry is suitable, whether you intend further study in Science or not. It can open the doors to future careers in Medicine and the Chemical Industry.


Head of Department: Mr I Wilson