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English Language and Literature

English Language and Literature

Core Subject

 G.C.S.E. English involves the study of a range of interesting  and engaging language and literature topics, allowing students to demonstrate their use of English in real-life contexts. Students will be required to write in a variety of ways and for different audiences.  Students will also need to structure writing effectively and show control over punctuation and spelling. Speaking and Listening (assessed separately from the GCSE award) allows students the opportunity to perform in a variety of formal and informal situations working individually and in groups. 

Assessment information

The English examination is worth 60% of the unit and Controlled  Assessments count for 40%. Students will be entered for one of the two tiers of examination according to their ability: Foundation Tier (Grades G to C) or Higher Tier (Grades D to A*).  Controlled assessment has replaced coursework. This method of assessment will allow students to show what they are capable of in a fair and equal setting.

How will studying English help me in the future?

Many employers rely on crucial transferable skills gained from studying English. The course allows individuals to gain confidence when working independently and as part of a group . Many students  will leave school feeling feel well prepared for speaking to members of the public appropriately or presenting their ideas. A large number of businesses expect their employees to be able to read and write accurately and the study of English allows students to develop these important skills in preparation for  the workplace.


Head of Department: Ms Emma Grant