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Middlewich High School

Excellence in Learning – Achievement for All


Enterprise Vision Statement

As ICT, Business Studies and Computer Science is continually developing and new technologies emerging, as a department we will strive to give all students the skills to prepare them for their future career paths. Enterprise consists of educating our students in the following areas; Business Studies, Enterprise and Marketing, Computer Science, Creative IMedia and Computing. Each of these skill areas is an essential skill required for everyday life and will continue to evolve in many yet to be discovered ways. Our students are given the confidence and resilience to tackle these ever-changing technological environments.

To achieve this, as a department our aims are;

  • Secure the best possible levels and progress and attainment at all levels, including GCSE exams.
  • To enhance and extend students learning across the whole curriculum whilst developing independence and resilience skills.
  • For students to achieve success in ICT by learning the skills set out in the SOW.
  • To allow students the opportunity to display their talents in both creative and logical ways through a varied relevant curriculum enabling them to see the relevance of ICT and Computing in everyday life.
  • To make students aware of the inappropriate use of ICT and how to use ICT responsibility
  • To facilitate high levels of teaching and learning and enhance the digital experience, through provision of reliable IT solutions.
  • To provide a balanced and informed curriculum across all key stages in the school.
  • For the students to be active and engaged users and creators in the emerging digital economy
  • To provide a curriculum designed to allow students to have access to both computer Science and Information Technology and make informed choices on how they pursue the subjects as they continue their learning journey through the school.
  • For the students to learn transferable skills, to effectively use as they continue through their education journey.


Learning maps – At MHS we use learning maps to support retrieval and reinforcement of knowledge. We use these in class and as homework, you may find it useful to see what is coming up through the year for your child in their year group. We are continuing to develop these and update them through the year so you may notice some subjects have uploaded the first term, future work will be added at the appropriate time.