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Pathway Subject

 Geography is a contemporary subject.  It is dynamic and relevant to everyday life.  The specification seeks to link the candidate’s experiences with the subject content.  During the two years we will look at six key topics, The Restless Earth, Living World, The Coastal Zone, Tourism, Population Change and Globalisation.  The key themes that will be investigated over the two year course are the interaction between people and their environment, and the rapid economic and social developments that are affecting people across the globe. 

Assessment information

The course is assessed by two 1 ½ hour examinations at the end of Year 11 (each worth 37.5%).   Students will also submit a piece of Controlled Assessment worth 25%.   The questions on the Geography GCSE examination papers are structured so that essay-style answers are not required.

How will studying Geography help me in the future?

Geography is a subject that is well respected employers and colleges, as throughout the course you will build upon skills, such as working with others, problem solving, communication skills and ICT skills.   All of these skills are transferable to other subjects.  Geography bridges the sciences and arts subjects.  There is an overlap with the content in Science and Business Studies, and it naturally links with Modern Foreign Languages.  There are a broad range of careers open to keen Geographers, such as: Police, environmental consultant, weather analyst, travel industry, conservation, planning, business development, travel writing, marketing and advertising, solving global issues (policy planning) and many more. 


Head of Department: Mrs A Young