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Middlewich High School

Excellence in Learning – Achievement for All


The Geography curriculum is ambitious and designed to give all pupils, particularly disadvantaged pupils and pupils with SEND, the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life.


In Geography, our vision is for the curriculum to promote a curiosity about the world for our learners. The curriculum will enable our learners to be confident to understand and ask questions about the world around them. Students will learn about places that are outside their own experience, they will develop their understanding of the world’s diversity of environments, peoples, cultures and economies.

From KS2 our students come to us with a varied experience of Geography. We support our learners to develop skills that are transferable across all subjects and employment in later life. We will develop knowledge in students to enable them to thrive in lessons

The same themes of the natural world, the human world, and global interactions run all the way through KS3 and KS4. In year 7 students are introduced to big Geographical concepts by looking at each of the earths continents while practising an essential skill. Then we spend the rest of year 7 focusing on the UK then moving to the wider world and global issues. As we move through KS3 each unit creates ‘readiness’ for the next unit, while constantly building upon and making links to our prior learning. Geographical skills are embedded into in each of our units. The same themes are at the core of our KS4, and as the concepts are familiar to our students, they are able to build upon them, and apply them to detailed, real world examples, analyse social questions and offer real world solutions. Learning extends beyond the classroom, students, using practical fieldwork and research skills, complete their own enquiries into both human and physical issues.

The ‘end point’ in the Geography curriculum is to ensure that all students experience a knowledge rich curriculum with opportunities to develop the skills below. We are aware that students study Geography for different lengths of time, and it is essential to us that all of them leave Middlewich High School as global citizens, with an honest and accurate understanding of the world that they live in. Regardless of the amount of time they spend with us, the broad Geography curriculum will ensure students discover a wide range of topics and explore many different places within the world, readying them for a life full of learning. The below skills remain constant and essential.

  •          Cartographic skills
  •          Graphical skills
  •          Knowledge of place
  •          Knowledge of physical processes
  •          Knowledge of human processes
  •          The ability to use the views of stakeholders
  •          Investigative skills
  •          The ability to reach a conclusion