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Hegarty Maths

Hegarty Maths


There are three things that will help you to succeed in Maths, these are belief, hard work and support.  To give you some support when your Maths teacher is not there, we have Hegarty Maths.  This is a programme that will show you videos with examples, test your knowledge and allow you to revise topics that you are unsure of.

Every student at Middlewich High has a login for Hegarty and it is where they will find their weekly homework.  Their teacher will set an exercise each week that is a topic that was studied the term before.  This is to help consolidate knowledge and ensure that students retain the skills they need.  Students should watch the video and make notes of the examples given, then they need to complete the quiz.  If need be, the quiz can be repeated so that a better score is gained.  All the pupils working should be written in their homework book, this will become an invaluable revision resource.

Hegarty Maths exercises can be completed on any device that can connect to the internet, phone, tablet, and computer.  If the student does not have access to any of these there is an opportunity to use the library computers on a Monday, Tuesday or Friday lunchtime.  Homework club also runs after school.  Students are given a week to complete the homework. 


To login all students need to do is search for Hegarty Maths and click on the link.  When they go to login they will be asked for their school, their first name, their surname and their date of birth.  If it is the first time they have logged in, they will be asked to create a password, which they will use every time they login.  If students forget their password, they need to tell their teacher who will reset their account.  The student’s homework will be under set tasks.