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Middlewich High School

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Pathway Subject

 The Modern World History course concentrates on key events and people from the 20th Century. The course is exciting, interesting, relevant and useful to all students seeking to carry on in further education, develop transferable skills or purely for the pursuit of personal interest.  The course content is:

  • Paper 1: Conflict in the Modern World: International Relations: Conflict and Peace in the 20th Century. For example: Hitler’s foreign policy and the origins of WW2, Origins and Crises of the Cold War.
  • Paper 2: 20th Century Studies in Depth. For example: Nazi Germany 1929-45, USA in the Roaring Twenties 1918-29, the Vietnam War.
  • Historical Enquiry / Controlled Assessment: British History - 2 assignments focussed on Britain’s role in WW1 and WW2.

Assessment information

The course is assessed by two 1 ¾ hour examinations at the end of Year 11 and two controlled assessment pieces:

  • Final Examinations: 75%
  • Enquiry / Controlled Assessment: 25%

How will studying History help me in the future?

The study of History is recognised and valued by employers because of the range of skills that it provides. History students regularly go on to follow careers in law, journalism and business management.  We hope to prepare students for the rapidly changing world and workplace by becoming flexible, confident and developing their own initiative. Through studying History students develop many skills and attributes to equip them for the future such as: Independent research, analysis and evaluation,  ICT skills, literacy, problem solving, team work, becoming confident speakers and many more.


Head of Department: Mrs C Beechener