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Middlewich High School

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Our vision is that our curriculum enables our students to appreciate how an understanding of the past enriches and improves their understanding of the world we live in today, and how past events have played a part in shaping their lives. Excellence in History requires students to think analytically and creatively, appreciate and evaluate different interpretations, understand significance and reach balanced judgements; all of which are transferable skills across a wide range of disciplines and future career paths. Our aim in the foundation years is to give students the opportunity to study topics from a broad period of History (from the Middle Ages to the 20th century) set within a clear chronological framework. This is intended to provide them with a depth of knowledge through the study of particular key areas/events such as the impact of Norman rule and Henry VIII’s break with Rome. It is also intended to offer a breadth of knowledge and context within the chronological framework, so that they can make links within and across periods of History to enhance their cultural capital. The focus is on British History, but within that they study major European and world events such as the international slave trade and the subsequent struggle for US civil rights, World War One, Nazi Germany, World War Two and the Cold War. In the ‘meanwhile, elsewhere’ units students also have the opportunity to diversify their studies to consider for example the achievements of the medieval Islamic states and the importance of the Silk Roads. Through this approach they are able to see how British politics, foreign policy, society and economy has affected, and been affected by, world events which again enriches their cultural capital and knowledge for the future. The History curriculum is also interleaved with the English curriculum where possible, so that students study texts relevant to the History topic they are studying to further enrich and provide context to their experience in both subjects.

GCSE History

At Key Stage 4, pupils follow the AQA History syllabus 8145. This course aims to deepen students historical understanding and provide them with key skills for the future such as analytical thinking, critical evaluation of evidence and high level literacy skills. The topics studied cover a range of historical periods from the Middle Ages to the present day, and offer both a British (Britain; health and the people1000-present, and Elizabethan England), and international (USA 19920-73, and Conflict in Asia 1954-75) perspective. The content studied builds on the contextual understanding students gain from their studies in the foundation years, and the skills they developed. Our GCSE History course helps to prepare students for the future, equipping them with skills and knowledge that will increase their employability and foster a lifelong love of learning. As a result, History is a very popular GCSE option in the school.


The History Department provides a range of extra-curricular opportunities for students during their time at Middlewich High School. In Year 8, they participate in a First World War artefacts handling session led by an expert collector. Students who choose History as a GCSE option will participate in a visit to an Elizabethan historical site (such as the Globe Theatre) as part of their AQA case study. The specified site changes each year.



Learning maps – At MHS we use learning maps to support retrieval and reinforcement of knowledge. We use these in class and as homework, you may find it useful to see what is coming up through the year for your child in their year group. We are continuing to develop these and update them through the year, so you may notice some subjects have uploaded the first term, future work will be added at the appropriate time.