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Middlewich High School

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Developing Literacy Skills at Middlewich High

Reading Across the School:

Students have expressed their enjoyment at listening to their tutors reading the following novels to them, this year. We are looking forward to increasing this provision over the next year.   

Reading during lockdown:

As well as the texts set for reading in English lessons during lockdown, students in school read ‘Check mates’ and interviewed Stewart Foster via Skype. Following the success of this, staff recorded a shared reading of ‘Ghost Boys’ which we distributed remotely. We are looking forward to a skype with Jewell Parker Rhodes if she is free.

Staff Training

Mr Hopper has done some significant training with staff initially on creating vocabulary rich lessons in the autumn term and then in the Spring Term he demonstrated the following useful techniques to support reading across the curriculum.  

Catch-Up Reading Programme

Students needing support in reading have engaged in small group sessions during form-time, learning each of the above strategies to support their reading across the curriculum. Students have found this effective and have shown improvement in post-test results, identifying which strategies they have used too.  

Vocabulary Work

Y7 have been using Bedrock Vocabulary with great success.  Many students have been rewarded with a Hot Choc Friday with the Head for learning the most words, completing the most units, making considerable progress or using it the most regularly. Mrs Parkins’ English group have been absolute Bedrock Champions this year and are at the top of the class league. 

Y7 Spelling Bee

Year 7 were busy bees in Half Term 1 learning their spellings. An incredible final was held in the drama studio with Y7 keenly participating. Congratulations to Lucy Bowker who won. 

Y8 Speech Competition

After studying transatlantic slavery to civil rights through texts and speeches in English, Year 8 wrote a speech on a topic related to justice or fairness of their own. Students performed their speeches in class and the winners went through to a final round in front of their peers. An array of topics for LBGTQ+ rights to homelessness were articulated persuasively by the finalists. Below is Jason Elson giving the winning speech. 

World Book Day

World Book Day this year was a different affair as we decided to have a real focus on reading rather than dressing up or the fun door displays we have done in the past. Whilst we missed some of the pizazz we all agreed that we did well and enjoyed ourselves. Each lesson students listened to 20 minutes of an abridged version of ‘The Silver Sword.’ Staff and students alike asked if we could do this more often in the year as it was well received. 


The day and the weeks leading up to it were filled with books and reading as students discussed books in Humanities, deciding whether they were based in History, RE or Geography (picture shows student placing her book in the RE box) and in Science where students plotted books on a time-line, across the front bench, of pseudo-science to real science. Teachers enjoyed listening to students’ opinions of books and promoting interest in books we had in school through these activities. Students also joined Mr Graham in the Library for a reading of ‘The Dragon’. 



Other Competitions 

Throughout the year, students have taken part in various competitions, both national and school based. 


Well done to Tia-Jeanne Abbott (Y7) who was first shortlisted, and to Georgia Atkin- Nash (Y7) who got through to the last 5000 entries. 



Students have prepared some superb entries and many have been displayed on the School’s social media during lockdown.




Students in Y7-Y9 are preparing a 24 word story for National Writing Day.




World Poetry Day - 21st March 2021