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Middlewich High School

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Core Subject

 The GCSE mathematics course builds on the content, knowledge and skills developed at Key Stage 3.  The specification covers the National Curriculum Key Stage 4 Programme of Study and there are two tiers of entry, Higher and Foundation.  Throughout the course, students will be given the opportunity to develop mathematical confidence and apply mathematics to everyday situations.  Students will use the skills and knowledge they have acquired to solve tasks and problems.

Assessment information

Students will be following the Edexcel specification 1MAO, which consists of two terminal papers in June of Year 11. There is no controlled assessment element, so student grades will be awarded solely on their examination performance.  Students will be expected to use data effectively to make decisions in real life contexts.

How will studying Mathematics help me in the future?

In the world of work, the importance of mathematics is unquestionable. It is the key to science and engineering. It is indispensable in commerce and finance. It is used ever increasingly in our modern society. Studying mathematics makes your career choices wider than you ever imagined. If you enjoy mathematics, you may find the opportunities for using it in management, genetics, geology, pharmacy, engineering, economics, statistical analysis, operational research, psychology, insurance and radiotherapy to list a few. The range of jobs where a mathematical background is desirable is vast. A recent survey by the London School of Economics stated employees with a mathematical background earned on average 10% more than those without.


Head of Department: Mr P Ibbotson