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Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages

Pathway Subject

 In taking a Modern Foreign Language qualification you will learn about the countries where the language is spoken and get a lot more out of visiting them

  • You will add to the international dimension in your studies, which is something many future employers and  higher education providers look for.
  • You will open doors to higher education courses which often combine languages with subjects as diverse as, for example, engineering, marketing, law, accountancy and history.
  • Most universities prefer students to have GCSE language qualifications whether or not they intend to study abroad.

Assessment information

  • 60% Controlled Assessment Tasks conducted in class
  • 40% Reading and Listening  Final Examination Papers (35 mins Foundation Tier/45 mins Higher Tier).

Students will submit 2 Written Controlled Assessment Tasks and 2 Speaking Controlled Assessment Tasks each.

How will studying MFL help me in the future?

People with language skills and knowledge are highly thought of in the modern world. They stand out as talented and successful people, with broad and exciting horizons.   Taking GCSE languages means you add an extra dimension to your personal skills profile:  a language GCSE on your CV impresses employers; it shows you have developed an excellent range of communication and thinking skills; your ability to analyse and interpret information will be stronger and your knowledge and application of the grammar of English is often enhanced.  You will be in a stronger position to find work with companies abroad or for companies in the UK with international links.


Head of Department: Mrs J Bolton