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Middlewich High School

Excellence in Learning – Achievement for All

Physical Education

The PE department is committed to providing a child centred curriculum that is broad, balanced and challenging. Our curriculum promotes enjoyment and fosters a love of learning through sport and physical activity. The department realises that all pupils are individuals and tailors its provision accordingly in order to engage, challenge and include pupils of all sporting abilities. It is our aim to connect our curriculum with the interests and aspirations of all of our students. We aim to give every student the opportunity to strive for personal excellence. Our ambition is that the PE curriculum gives every child the skills, knowledge and self-belief to become confident, aspirational young adults.  We encourage students to lead a healthy active life that develops positive relationships, resilience and a lifelong desire for success.

PE at Middlewich High School gives all students the chance to embrace our intentions through high quality lessons, extra-curricular clubs and competitions as well as exciting opportunities to travel and develop their knowledge and experiences in the wider world.

Students at Middlewich High School will develop sporting knowledge, skills, tactics and understanding as an individual and team performer.  They will demonstrate technical application and strategic awareness that encourages them to reflect on their performance and develop the required skills to improve and succeed. Students will aspire to work within a creative and dynamic environment. Through PE, they will recognise and acquire the personal qualities, styles, roles and responsibilities that enable them to become effective leaders and great ambassadors for the school.  Most significantly, we hope they will value PE and appreciate a clear connection with learning and having fun.

Through our curriculum delivery we ensure that every student has the opportunity to experience competition. We offer a wide enrichment programme outside of lessons but we have thought carefully about how we ensure that all students have an entitlement to enrichment through the curriculum delivered to them in the school day. We want all students to benefit from the same experiences and opportunities so they can appreciate success, learn from failure and develop pride and confidence in themselves.

Our teaching team are committed to inspiring learners that adopt their own positive attitude to sport and physical activity and as a result, our students will feel capable and confident in their own ability to achieve excellence.