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Middlewich High School

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Core Subject

 GCSE Physics offers students the chance to gain a good understanding of:

· the use and transfer of energy.

· waves, radiation and space.

· the application of Physics.

The course is designed to give students the tools and concepts they need to be able to construct a scientific approach to solving problems. Students will learn to ask and answer questions about the fundamental laws that govern natural phenomena.

Assessment information

There are three modules each consisting of one sixty minute exam (3 hours in total). Each module is worth 25%. Students also take a controlled assessment consisting of a practical exam worth the final 25%.

How will studying Physics help me in the future?

Students are likely to be engaged by the aspects of the course that they can relate to their everyday life such as the efficiency of electrical appliances and braking distances as well as larger concepts like nuclear fission and fusion and evidence of the Big Bang.

Physics is suitable, whether you intend further study in Science or not. It can open the doors to future careers in Medicine and the many aspects of Engineering.


Head of Department: Mr I Wilson