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Middlewich High School

Excellence in Learning – Achievement for All

School Priorities 2021/2022

MHS Strategic Objectives


Key Performance Indicators



Achieve excellence in curriculum and assessment intent and implementation which effectively prepares students for life post 16

NEET 0-2%

Progress of students is in range of 0 - -0.2 (average) EBACC entry in line with national or above in Yr10

Attainment is in line with or better than National across all subjects PP gap is closed by at least 1 grade across all subjects

SEND performance is in line with National; Recognised as best practice school in the LA for enhanced mainstream provision. Develop writing / mathematical strategies with partner primaries to support recovery curriculum

MHS is working towards Gatsby Careers Mark adopting Gatsby benchmarks for Careers curriculum,

All teaching staff involved in coaching & self evaluation programme which ensures teaching is effective Self evaluation is accurate at senior and middle leadership level, quality assurance is robust

School is at least Good

Implement ambitious, coherently planned curriculum that addresses gaps in knowledge, supports learning in all contexts (face to face/online) and ensures students realise their potential


Achieve excellence in culture and ethos which ensures students leave as aspirational, respectful, resilient citizens

Attendance is in line with national average; Attendance is not a barrier to PP students Exclusions are below national average

Bullying is rare

MHS is beacon for excellence for mental health & wellbeing; maintains ACSEED status STEM curriculum developed; clear partnerships and cross curricular focus evident

Disruption is rare, attitudes to learning are positive across all groups. Learning environment is effective





Middlewich High School is the school of choice for Middlewich community and professional staff

MHS is oversubscribed retaining 80% demographic or greater from the Middlewich Community

Effective development of middle leadership through internal leadership programme and CPD support for national qualifications; ECT framework implemented to successfully support ECT colleagues (3 in post from Sept 21)

Retention & succession planning of staff demonstrates effective CPD and appraisal, school is fully staffed, out of area teaching is rare



To demonstrate strong leadership through effective governance and Academy conversion into a collaborative MAT which reflects the vision and values of MHS

MHS embedding within the Sir John Brunner Foundation (MAT) as a newly converted Academy. Financial management of MHS is effective

Governance effectively challenges and supports school leadership