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Middlewich High School

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Science is a set of ideas about the material world. It can be investigated in a number of ways either through investigating, observing, experimenting or testing out ideas. Our new five-year scheme of work attempts to encourage pupils at Middlewich High School to build a fascination and deep understanding of Science whatever their future career choice. It takes the pupils through a five-year journey building on prior knowledge, throughout both key stages, in order to give them a variety of skills that they can apply throughout their lives.

Our new five-year scheme delivers a curriculum that is challenging but accessible for all pupils, including disadvantaged and pupils with SEND needs. The content delivered aims to provide students with the knowledge and cultural capital they need to progress and achieve in all aspects of Science. In year nine, pupils are guided towards one of two Science pathways. Some pupils will study triple science which leads to separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Other pupils will study the Combined Science GCSE pathway which gives them a thorough grounding in Science whatever their career path.

The new scheme of work encourages our pupils to be engaged and enthused at all points. Working scientifically is a key aspect of our scheme. We explore Science in a variety of different starting points. Each scheme of work is intended to include the following:

  • Development of scientific thinking.
  • Experimental skills and strategies.
  • Analysis and evaluation.
  • Scientific vocabulary.
  • Scientific quantities, units, symbols and equations.


An important part of Science teaching is to make pupils believe they can achieve, whatever their background. It can make pupils become inquisitive, creative, inventive, analytical and numerate. It is a practical subject where pupils can challenge a hypothesis and analyse outcomes to form an opinion. Pupils can make links to issues in society that matter and relate to their everyday experiences. Science qualifications can open many doors to rewarding careers, which is motivating for pupils.


Through the new STEM curriculum we have also provided pupils with a wide range of activities. This is to show pupils how Science be applied to the world of work. We have worked with Higher Horizons and 4ward futures to provide opportunities in the following:

  • Launching a balloon to 100,000 feet within the robotics club.
  • 3D visualisation workshop to produce a 3D walkthrough of the GCSE Art and Textile GCSE exhibition.
  • Oulton Park visit to discuss various careers available within the motorsport industry.
  • Pilot school for CALOM (creating a life on Mars) with visitors from Lancaster University and various satellite companies.



Learning maps – At MHS we use learning maps to support retrieval and reinforcement of knowledge. We use these in class and as homework, you may find it useful to see what is coming up through the year for your child in their year group. We are continuing to develop these and update them through the year so you may notice some subjects have uploaded the first term, future work will be added at the appropriate time.